Welcome to RetroGamesUltra. I’m 40-something years old, and live in England – birthplace of the Acorn BBC Micro. That computer set the tone for a lifelong love of computers, consoles, games, graphics, and music. They’ve not been a permanent fixture, but they’re more on than off now, and through this site I aim to reminisce, document, inform, and hopefully entertain.

There are also resources (such as guides for using newer SD card solutions) and links. Feel free to contact me with any feedback.

There have been many inspirations and influences, but one of the main driving forces to set this up came from the Retro Game Squad podcast. A huge chunk of this site is a tribute to those guys. You can find their Facebook page here – follow them, download all of their episodes, and enjoy. They, in no small part, helped rekindle my love for gaming, and you can find out more about them and my tribute here.

Have fun.