Adding authentic(ish) labels to Atari SDrive Max cases

I recently built two SDrive Max devices for the Atari 8-bit line of computers. I used the excellent tutorial by Steve Boswell. Additionally, Steve had created some beautiful 3D printed cases to put them in. He made a range, but as the devices I had as a kid (and have the real thing again now as well), I went for a 1010 cassette player, and a 1050 floppy disc drive.

They really are works of art, and he has colour matched the filaments perfectly. I wanted to make them even more authentic, so created some labels for them, that I then printed on heavy duty silver stickers, and applied them for the finishing touch.

I added the ‘S’ on the end to denote SDrive Max, but others suggested ‘Small’ and ‘Speed’ – whatever works for you!

People asked for a set, but they’re not professional products so I didn’t feel I could sell them, so I’m making them available for download here.

I have included a full sheet which contains 8x 1010 and 8x 1050 labels, but there are also individual ones should you want to create your own layups.

These are the labels I use, print ONLY with a Laser printer. The PDF (UK or US as appropriate) should be printed at 100%, not fit-to-paper, or scaled in any way.

210mm x 297mm (ISO A4)
Avery L6013-20 Extra-Strong Adhesive Silver Heavy Duty Labels, 1 Label Per A4 Sheet

210mm x 297mm

A zip containing the PDFs and a readme with the above sticker information can be downloaded from this link.


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