Zzap! 64 Mega-Tape 3 Inlay

As a kid, I didn’t buy too many games other than budget releases, so relied on magazine cover tapes to fill the gaps. I distinctly remembered playing the Thunderblade demo to death, so I found out which Zzap! cover tape it was on, and re-bought it. I thought it would be nice to make a new inlay for it since the scanned copies on the web are not the best quality. I’ve lovingly recreated it, so even things that didn’t line up on the original don’t line up on this one! I wanted it to be faithful to the printed version, but high-resolution (other than the cover pic and screenshots – they’re from the scan with some minor post-processing to lift them a little). It took a long time, with lots of manual tracking of the text required, but I’m really pleased with the result!

You can download the PDF here:

Zzap! 64 Mega-Tape 3 Inlay – Downloadable PDF!


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